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Insulation is a key concern in our products. As our factory runs frequent quality control tests to constantly assure the insulation prevents external sounds, climate, wind/water, etc. ALMANCO Factory is uses the best sealant materials from around world, such as mohair, rubber (EPDM) and silicon with international specifications in bearing high temperatures and assurance of their resistance for many years against expansion and damage

Security systems

ALMANCO works consist of multilayer, high performance insulted tempered glass and high-thickness aluminum systems that are specially extruded for the factory; it enables the product to provide high protection using the best types of accessories that contribute to excellent sealing. In addition, ALMANCO provides a high quality rolling shutters that adds double security with more insulation to resist against light, sound, and climate conditions in and out of the building. Also, it dispenses the use of steel grills while maintaining an anesthetic appearance