Engineering Department

Almanco relies on precise engineering studies and measurements in the work and implementation of projects, to achieve a high degree of mastery and professionalism, and to implement modern designs that satisfy all tastes.

Engineering department

The Engineering Studies Department places a group of engineers and experts to supervise the latest drawing implementation programs for customer projects, which contribute to adopting accurate and safe measurements. The designs are also re-studied during the engineering planning stage, in which all works in the project are thoroughly studied and the possibility of implementing them before manufacturing operations begin.
The factory engineers supervise the installation department, which is the complementary department to the engineering department, through which the products are transported to the site and ensure the mastery and quality of the installation.

Engineering designs

We were able to serve and complete many projects, government facilities, and military bases thanks to the ideal designs and advanced solutions for architectural aluminum systems for doors, windows, facades, and skylights.
The Engineering Design Department works in a modern manner and with international specifications by preparing construction calculations and executive drawings.
The advanced devices and machines at Almanco Factory also contribute to creating and creating modern and sophisticated designs to meet the desires of our customers in works that suit all tastes.