Quality Assurance

Almanco uses techniques and tools with a high level of quality and safety to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.

Materials used

Almanco Factory provides aluminum systems and special sections that are specifically designed to suit the Kingdom’s atmosphere in terms of resistance to water and dust leakage, which guarantees our customers complete quality in terms of durability and strength of the product. The factory uses the finest raw materials and materials, such as accessories, etc., which are imported from the best companies in the field of aluminum and glass in the world, provided that their specifications match international standards.
In addition to keeping the product in safe storage to protect it from damage, the entire product is packaged upon delivery and a strict policy and elaborate handling methods are used to maintain a defect-free product.

Modern technology

Almanco Factory manufactures using the latest technology in terms of high-quality and precise machinery and equipment. This technology contributes to raising the level of the product during the manufacturing stages by using computer programs through which various sizes and geometric designs are entered.