Insulation and Protection

Insulation is Almaco’s most important concern, as it receives great importance in research and development, and Almanco factory uses the best raw materials available in the global markets to achieve leadership in this field.


The product manufactured in Almanco factory guarantees insulation from all climatic factors and noise. Insulation is considered the most important concern in our products, as we are constantly researching the development of our products by conducting accurate tests to ensure that they prevent leaks of sound, water, air, etc.
Almanco factory uses the best mattresses and foam (EPDM) and silicone available in international markets with international specifications to withstand high temperatures and ensure their resistance for many years against expansion and exposure to external factors.

Protection systems

Since Almanco factory sectors enable the product to provide high protection by using the finest types of international accessories that contribute to tight sealing. In addition to Almanco factory’s use of break-resistant glass, metal curtains add double protection that replaces the use of protection nets, double insulation from light and sound, and adjust the climate inside the building, in addition to the aesthetic appearance.